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Above Ground Pools

Relaxing in your backyard is easy with a Vogue above ground pool. The Vogue above ground pool line has a size and style for every budget.

Many homeowners choose an above ground pool for the many benefits they have to offer. You and your family can experience these benefits with an above ground pool from Grimes Aquatech Pools and Spas.

You can be assured that when you purchase an above ground pool from Grimes Aquatech Pools and Spas, you will receive the highest quality product. And, most importantly, we service what we sell!

Customize your above ground pool! Choose an underwater light, automatic cleaner, walk-in steps, or a solar blanket – just to mention a few of the options available!

Some of the pools we offer:


Trendium - Alais 2014
The Alias

Featuring a 20 year limited warranty, this wrap over liner pool with pump and filter is a great entry level pool. Comes with a deluxe maintenance kit and a starter chemical kit.
Available sizes:
Oval – 15′ x 30′
Round – 18′, 24′, 27′
Height – 52″
Click here to see Alais brochure


The Zenith
Featuring 25 year limited warranty, 7″ top seats, 5″ uprights. Outfitted with a deluxe maintenance, chemical
kit, and center drain.Available sizes:
Oval – 15′ x 30′ , 18′ x 33′
Round – 18′, 24′, 27′, 30′, & 33′
Height – 52″
Click here to see a Zenith Brochure


The Impact
Featuring 30 year limited warranty, this top of the line pool is the first pool in the world to utilize blow-molded
resin. The top seats and uprights are 100% corrosion free. With its patented “Quick-Lock” system
this pool has a rapid installation time. This pool has a futuristic design and look. Outfitted with a deluxe
maintenance, chemical kit, and center drain.Available Sizes:
Oval – 15′ x 30′ , 18′ x 33′
Round – 18′, 24′, 27′ & 30′
Height – 52″
Please click here to see a Impact brochure

Below you will see a sampling of pools Grimes has installed. Be sure to take a look at the Photo Gallery page for more.

Above Ground Pools and Environments

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